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Lollapalooza Berlin
2016 & 2017
Lollapalooza is a festival located in the US, Brazil, France and Germany. I visited the ones in Berlin. Here is my experience:
Treptower Park
140.000 visitors
Lollapalooza Berlin 2016 2017
We (some friends and me) arrived Friday afternoon at our hotel near the S-Bahn station Adlerhof. The Treptower Park is very central, so we planned to use the public transportation during the weekend. Having a free evening we explored the city. We walked along the Spree, watched the Bundestag and Brandenburger Tor from outside.

Potsdamer Platz:
Lollapalooza Berlin 2016 2017 Treptower Park The next morning we picked up our festival bracelets. To prohibit long lines at the festival area itself you had to go to some external points to get them. Still we were standing in line. The ticket itself had cost 140€ for both days.
Lollapalooza Berlin 2016 2017 Treptower Park
The inlet started at 10. Before that we waited at a Döner Laden in front of the festival and ate breakfast.

Lollapalooza Berlin 2016 2017 Treptower Park
Already havin our bracelets the entrance was quite easy. They checked your bag for food and alcohol (both was prohibited). You only were allowed to bring 1,5l of none alcoholic drinks per person.
There were 4 stages: Main stage 1, Main stage 2 (on the picture), the Alternative stage and the Perry's stage (named after the founder of the festival).
Early in the day the area wasn't as crowed and we took a look around.
There were several food trucks, as well as drink booths and tents with merchandise. You had to pay between 4€ and 8€ for a drink (beer was the cheaper option than whiskey or cocktails). A festival shirt cost 25€.
To fulfill the dreamy and mystic theme of Lollapalooza there were a couple  of artistic people wandering around. Just as the bird people on the left.
The atmosphere of the park fitted really good as well. You were able to sit down under the trees. You could take a rest from all the music and the stimilus satiation. Also we left the area a couple of times just for eating or buying some food at the shop next to  the station. The location right within the city worked pretty well for us. Although the residents had big protests before. They were concerned about noise and possible damages in the park.
We left the festival Sunday evening while the main act (Radiohead) was still playing. We had parked the car near the area and drove back home the same night.

All in all it was a lovely and comfortable atmosphere. The park was just the right theme for the festival. I consolidated my opinion about a couple of bands -positive (Milky Chance, Kings of Leon, Catfish and the Bottlemen) and negative (Radiohead!!) and also discovered some new ones (LA.).

After the good experience we had the year before we decided to go again in 2017. In February we had already booked the tickets and rent a little holiday home at the Müggelsee.

Rennbahn Hoppegarten
160.000 visitors
We arrived Friday at our holiday home. A lovely cabin for 5 people with a direct view at the spree.
We even rented a little boat the other morning.

To the festival area we drove by car (15 minutes). This year it was located outside of Berlin and the public transport limited. So the car was the best choice.
Lollapalooza Berlin 2016 2017 Spree
The parking spot was improvised at a field. From there you had to walk 30 minutes to the entrance.
This time they gave you the bracelets on the entrance. I seemed to me like the security checking (bags and body) were more rigorous than the year before. This year any own drink or food was prohibited.
Some ruins on the way to the festival area:
The area on the racetrack had the big benefit that you were able to use their facilities. So there were real toilets as well as a lot of Porta Potties. In my opinion that was enough. Next to the stages you had to wait in line, but when next to the entrance where not so many people were you didn't had to wait at all.
Here we are sitting on the grandstand where you had a great look at the area and the 2 main stages:

The area itself was huge, but the park the year before seperated the area better. This year you sometimes heard the music from different stages at the same time.

Standing next to one main stage:

It rained quite a lot on Saturday. We got some advertising rain coats by Melitta (coffee). Still it was kind of cold and wet. Last year we walked around in shorts, this year we brought cosy jackets and even rain boots for emergency.

The later afternoon the fuller it got.

We didn't had any bad experiences. The parking was good, the walk to the car ok, there were no long lines on the entrance and though foods and drinks were prohibited we were fine with that. We left our food at the car, and during midday when no band we were interested in was playing, we did the walk to the car. This way we didn't spent to much money.
But when you arrived with public transportation you got in trouble. Being so far off the center the train didn't drove that often. Some people had to wait 4 hours to catch a train, and they also had to leave early (at night no trains drive at all).

The organizers decided to quit cash paying and provided "cash chips" at your bracelet. You could charge it at several paying stations. By holding your chip under a scanner you payed your food, drinks and merchandise.

If you had money left on the chip after the festival you got it back.
Sunday it stopped raining and even got sunny.
The line up was ok, but nothing special we needed to see except Mumford and Sons. So we wandered around and listened to the different artist (at the picture Bonaparte is playing). Again I discovered some pretty cool artist: Sigrid, Michael Kiwanuka, Bear's Den
And I found out that I did't like the Foo Fighters at all.
But that's what I like about Lollapalooza: The big variety of artists and opportunities. It's more like a social event than a concert for me.

Though I liked 2016 better, it was a nice weekend and I spent a funny time with my friends. Next year Lollapalooza will happen in the Olympiastadion. Maybe I will go again.